I am Dr. Hassan, a Board-Certified Physiatrist and Independent Practice Owner. I help physiatrists start and grow their own profitable practices so they can achieve financial independence and live without limits.

When building your profitable practice, it’s important to maintain your well-being. Do you always find yourself analyzing things that go on around you? Do you feel inferior to others more than just every now and then? Do you sometimes tell yourself you’re worthless and incapable of doing things other people can? These are typical thoughts we get from time to time. The person who suffers from an inferiority complex has these thoughts day in and day out. There are a few things that fill them with happiness. They strive for perfection and never realize that good enough is good enough. In a lot of cases, an inferiority complex can also cause envy and jealousy. With someone wishing they were a different person entirely. Constantly believing they don’t live up to everyday standards, deals a blow to their self-image.

That’s a shame because in many cases, these people have wonderful abilities. They’re accomplished and capable in so many ways. An inferiority complex doesn’t let them see this. The image they see in the mirror and in their mind’s eye, is that of a person who’s inadequate, substandard and not good enough. One way to treat this problem effectively, whether your feelings of inferiority are chronic or occasional, is with self-care. Here are a few ways to take care of yourself so you build up your self-image and self-esteem, that’s a surefire way to keep feelings of inferiority and inadequacy at bay.

Get seven or eight hours of sleep each night

Poor sleep habits can cause brain fog, poor memory recall, impaired brain function and physical performance issues. When this happens regularly, a slew of more serious health problems can develop both mental and physical in nature. A watered-down performance mentally, physically and even emotionally is almost guaranteed from chronically not getting enough sleep.

Start eating right

You know the drill. A healthy diet includes lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, filtered water and herbal teas. You eat little to no sugar and salt and a few highly processed foods. When you start eating right, your mind and body begin to heal and feel better. You’re naturally more capable of seeing yourself as a quality individual rather than doubting your self-worth


The human body was designed for physical movement, you’re going to be happier and healthier when you’re physically active more than when you’re sitting in sedentary. Moderate to intense physical activity is linked to improved mental health and wellness.

Do something that makes you smile every day

Feelings of low self-esteem and inferiority disappear when a smile lights up your face. It’s tough to feel negative and inadequate when you’re smiling and happy. Do something that you enjoy doing. Get back into one your favorite pastimes and feel your mood uplift as you smile from enjoyment.

Schedule more relaxing moments

Relax, seriously. We could all benefit from more relaxing moments in our hectic crazy lives, can’t we? Stress can lead to anxiety, physical and mental health problems and feelings that we aren’t living our best lives. Schedule relaxing moments more frequently and you’ll feel better about who you are.

These are some simple ways to take better care of yourself. Self-care can treat a number of mental and physical health issues. Start taking better care of yourself today and feelings of inferiority and low self-esteem won’t be as common tomorrow.

Once you have implemented these methods of self-care, check out our blog post here for a few more ways to increase your self-image.

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