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Fear, uncertainty, doubt and anger are feelings you may experience when setting boundaries in your relationships. Understanding this going in can help you deal with them. Those and other negative emotions sometimes tell you that something should be avoided because it is a threat to you in some way.

When they pop up as a part of the boundary building process, don’t let them keep you from doing what you need to do.

That’s easier said than done sometimes. Not doing just about anything is usually much easier than doing it. You start to rationalize your fear is a sign that what you are doing is going to create a negative outcome. Just the opposite is the case. You are putting things in place to improve your life in some way.

If the mere thought of communicating boundaries with others makes you nervous, here are a few tips that can help. They give you the courage to push through and do what’s necessary to create a better experience for you.

Remember That Time Is Fleeting

There will never be a better time to do anything than right now. Waiting until tomorrow is almost never the smartest idea when you have to do something that might be difficult. Do it now and get it over with.

Will it be tough? Maybe. Are you going to hurt someone’s feelings? Perhaps. But what happens if you put it off until another day? The person you were going to talk to might know this is an issue and they’ve been feeling bad about constantly overstepping your boundaries. Maybe they are totally ignorant of what they are doing.

Whatever the case may be, the timeclock of life is always ticking. Do you want to spend your time fostering negative emotions like fear, doubt and uncertainty, or enjoying the benefits of establishing healthy boundaries in your relationships?

The People Who Count Will Be Happy for You

Communicating expectations of behavior is going to allow your healthy relationships to thrive. You’ll also find that some people will leave your life. This removes negative experiences from your reality. The people who care about you will be happy that you care enough about yourself to let them know what you expect from them.

Remember That Fear Is a Choice

You can choose how to decide about anything. Remind yourself you are acting in a way that supports your values. This is something you need to do for yourself. Your self-esteem and self-confidence will grow. Decide to choose some positive emotion rather than fear, because you always have a choice to feel any way you want.

You Are Going to Be so Much Stronger

If you sit down with someone and have a tough conversation, maybe they leave your life. Perhaps they will respect you and create more positive experiences. Either way, you are going to grow stronger. This is an incredible stress reliever, and that means your well-being will improve in both mind and body. The benefits of getting through this difficult process are virtually limitless, and they lead to a much better life for you.

These are four proven ways to help you communicate boundaries when you encounter negative emotions. It’s natural to be fearful of hurting someone’s feelings when you have to have these kinds of conversations. That proves you are a caring person. Just remember that you should care for yourself first. That means establishing healthy relationship boundaries, even if it might be difficult.

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