I’m Dr. Hassan, a Board-Certified Physiatrist and Independent Practice Owner. I help physiatrists start and grow their own profitable practices so they can achieve financial independence and live without limits.

When building a profitable practice, gratitude is key. We must learn how to be more grateful for what freedom we already have. There’s so much emphasis on getting ahead, being successful, or striving for change that it can be hard for you to remember you already have so much for which to be grateful for.

Even worse, the constant pushing to change your circumstances can lead to dissatisfaction and keep you trapped in a cycle of constantly feeling you’re not good enough. Free yourself from the shackles of must try harder by remembering to stop and appreciate what you’ve already achieved, what blessings you already have in your life. Keep in mind that you are free to be content right now.

Here are some tips to help free yourself from the cycle of discontent:

1. Change your focus. Research has shown that the more you cultivate a habit of gratitude, the better you are able to weather the ups and downs of life. As you perceive life to be positive, you will come to expect more the same. You can retrain your brain from negative self-talk to greater thankfulness, gratitude, and happiness. The next time you find yourself complaining, find something in it to give thanks for instead. For instance, if you find yourself grumbling about your job, change your focus by stating three things you’re grateful as it pertains to your job instead. It doesn’t mean you plan to be there forever, but you’ll make it more bearable in the meantime. By practicing gratitude, you rewire the neural pathways in your brain so that it becomes your mind’s default setting. You learn to look for the good in things instead of focusing on the bad. 

2. Step away from more stuff. If you’re like most people, you have more than enough possessions. The current mantra is that “spending brings happiness,” but, deep down, you probably know that it doesn’t. Where do you think the saying “money can’t buy happiness” comes from? Sure, buying yourself a new car or outfit makes you feel good at the time, but that spender’s high wears off pretty quickly. Break the habit of buying the next shiny thing and appreciate what you’ve got right now. Instead of buying a new outfit, try different combinations with the clothes you currently have.

3. Develop a mindfulness practice. Mindfulness and meditation can help you focus on the good that’s already in your life. By focusing on the present, you free yourself from the familiar yo-yoing of brooding over past disappointment and future anxieties. You can easily integrate mindfulness into your day. Whatever you’re doing, pause and focus on your breath.

Ask yourself, “What are five things I’m grateful for in my life right now?” Your five items can be anything from having a roof over your head to having a job, your partner, or your health. Or you can be grateful for a comfortable chair or clean sheets. Choose anything that makes you feel good at that very moment. 

Choosing gratitude and contentment doesn’t mean being stagnant or giving up. It means stepping aside from judgment to free yourself from the bonds of negativity.

I am Dr. Hassan, Board-Certified Physiatrist Practice Owner. I help physiatrists start and grow their own independent practice so that they can achieve financial independence and live without limits. Please go to businessofrehab.com/guide to pick up the free guide to help you determine the best business entity for your new practice.


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