Physiatrists have gone through rigorous training and extensive education on the rehabilitative needs of patients when transitioning after an acute hospitalization. As a result, Physiatrists are the true Post-acute Specialist.


We can be of service in all post-acute settings including Acute Care Hospitals, Acute Inpatient Rehabilitation Hospitals & Units, SNFs, LTACs and in the Home Health realm.


We are best used as the key component of the team in determining what’s the most appropriate level of care for patients transitioning into the post-acute care continuum.


In the acute care hospital, the Physiatrist work with the primary team, case managers, therapist, and specialist to determine what’s the most appropriate level of care to best meet the patient’s rehab needs with the ultimate goal of restoring maximum function.


In working closely with Neurosurgery, Neurology, Ortho Trauma, Trauma Surgery, Nephrology, Cardiothoracic surgery, Intensivist, Therapist, Case Managers and the Hospitalist team, we can spearhead the transition through the post-acute care continuum and achieve better outcomes.


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