I’m Dr. Hassan, a Board-Certified Physiatrist and Independent Practice Owner. I help physiatrists start and grow their own profitable practices so they can achieve financial independence and live without limits.

During your journey to becoming an independent physiatrist and building a profitable practice, there will be times when things become difficult. When that occurs, you need to know how to maintain a positive mindset even when you don’t feel like it. Do you have days when you know it’s better to be upbeat and positive, but you just don’t feel like it?

When you face challenges or feel overwhelmed by your responsibilities, it can be difficult to maintain a positive mindset. When that occurs, try these techniques to improve your mood and experience the inner peace you deserve:

1. Start your day with something positive. Decide each morning that you’ll start the day headed in the right direction. Instead of waking up on the wrong side of the bed and setting the stage for a grouchy day, resolve to experience something positive first thing in the morning. Develop a morning routine that you can repeat daily to ease into your day’s responsibilities. Determine what activities help improve your mood and put you on the path of positive thinking.

Find two or three things you can do each morning that will set the stage for a successful day. As these become habit, add to the routine little by little. A routine will help your body and mind settle in and focus on what you need to accomplish. Instead of rushing around or forgetting important details, your plan will guide you through a peaceful set of steps that calm your mind and create unstoppable momentum.

2. Set exciting goals. If you wake up each morning with nothing to look forward to, your mind will quickly latch onto negative feelings that can last throughout the day. Give your life focus by setting goals that motivate and excite you. Write those goals down and review them every day. Each day, take some small action that brings you closer to obtaining your goal.

Set aside a few minutes this week to write down all the reasons why each goal is important to you. How will you feel when you reach the goal you set? How will your loved ones be affected? How will your quality of life improve? Spend a few minutes each day reading through the list. A big enough why can help you overcome obstacles that are in your way.

3. Surround yourself with positive people. If you want to feel better about life, hang around people that encourage you and bring out the best in you. Spend more time with people that make you feel good about yourself and less time with those that complain about everything. Every cloud has a silver lining, and it’s easier to find that easy silver lining when you hang around people that help you see it.

4. Remember that bad days happen. When you have a bad day, don’t beat yourself up or dwell on it. Remember that tomorrow is a new day with exciting possibilities and challenges. Your next victory is right around the corner. If you resolve to start with a fresh perspective.

These suggestions will only help if you put them into practice. Pick one or more of them and decide that your happiness is worth small changes that lead to a big payoff. Begin to experience the happiness that you deserve by taking positive steps today that will lead to a bright future.

I am Dr. Hassan, Board-Certified Physiatrist and Independent Practice Owner. I help physiatrists start and grow their own independent practice so that they can achieve financial independence and live without limits. Please go to businessofrehab.com/guide to pick up the free guide to help you determine the best entity for your new practice.


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